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Goodbye For Now

Our family has been in the Health & Wellness industry for four decades and making products people love is our passion. We created Altwell to help people feel their best. Like many of our customers, we had been enduring high stress levels, difficulty sleeping, and full body aches and pains for far too long. We knew there had to be an answer. We set out to make high quality and rigorously tested CBD products to naturally ease these ailments, with consistent and dependable results.

In 2022 we launched our sister company, GYM WEED, bringing us back to our Sports Nutrition roots. These energy drinks include a blend of plant-based, functional ingredients that provide a balanced, chill energy without the jitters or crash. We have been thrilled to see how quickly GYM WEED has gained attention and fans – including our partners Bradley Martyn and Sara Saffari – two of the most well-known names in the fitness industry.

GYM WEED Adaptogen Energy

With all the excitement and growth GYM WEED has brought within just one year of launch, we’ve made the decision to focus on this exciting new line of products as we think we have something special.

We are so proud to know that ALTWELL CBD products not only helped our family achieve mental and physical wellness, but also our beloved customers as well. We truly thank you for supporting ALTWELL and its mission, and we sincerely hope you will give GYM WEED a try!

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–The Pickett Family & Team GYM WEED