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Karena Dawn

Karena Dawn is a trainer, wellness entrepreneur, and advocate for mental health awareness. As Co-Founder of Tone It Up and Chief Wellness Officer of ALTWELL, Karena has dedicated her life to helping others achieve wellness of the mind and body.

"I’ve known the family behind ALTWELL for more than 13 years! I love and trust them, and you know how passionate I am about mental wellness and self-care. As soon as I heard about their mission to promote balance and health with CBD, I knew I had to be a part of it!"

Karena's Favorites

  • Tincture - Honey Ginger Flavored (Balance)

    I love ALTWELL tincture because it gives me complete control over my dosage. I add to coffee, tea, sparkling flavored water or just supplement throughout the day with a dropperful under the tongue. A must have for travel!

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