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Back to School Survival Guide

Posted by Alternative Biologics Admin in Blog
by Co-Founder Nikki Brown

It’s that time of year! It never fails, Back to School sneaks up on me. Every! Single! Year! Whether you’re heading back to school yourself or have family that is heading back - it can be a lot! I’ve learned there is no perfect transition into our fall routines, and I’ve put together a few tips on how I keep myself from losing it - one CBD gummy at a time!

Prep Your Home (as much as possible!)
Go through closets, give the pantry an overhaul and get the laundry room ready. Eliminate the (organized) piles around the house that built up over summer and start thinking about meal prepping and family dinners. Gone are the evenings of eating late, ordering take out, and a pre bedtime dip counting as a shower (for the kids). Calendarize the fall schedule and get your carpools ready (love these parents in my life). Line the kid gear by the door each evening so you know exactly where to find everything the next day. There’s no time in the morning for the search and rescue of the missing cleats, and avoiding the added frustration makes for a more enjoyable ride to drop off. Make lists. I live by lists. I keep a white board in my kitchen that I update every morning with the day’s schedule. The kids love to see what they have going on. Any step towards organization and preparation might eliminate a couple potential stressors each week.

Fit Something in for Yourself
Even if it’s simply treating myself to my favorite drive-through almond milk latte after drop off while heading to work, I try to fit myself in. A quick 20-minute workout, a solo walk around the block with the dogs, or catching up on a show that no one else in the house likes (my preference so I can watch alone). A 5-minute meditation can make me feel like a new woman and that I have a grasp on the day. I’m considering the mom dance class at my daughter’s studio one evening a week, just because.

Expect the Unexpected
If there’s one thing you can count on, if it can go wrong, it probably will. If I roll into fall with that in mind, when things get crazy, I maintain. I love starting my morning routine with an ALTWELL Balance Softgel to help manage my chaos, while maintaining realistic expectations as the day unfolds. I need to get four kids fed, dressed and out of the house to take on their day. Forfeit the ‘Mom of the Year’ award and just do the best you can. I gave up that campaign years ago. You’ve got this!

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