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Creating Positive Intentions for the New Year

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By Karena Dawn

Are you ready to make 2022 a year of growth, peace and happiness? Start by getting your mind in check.

Here are my go-to steps to set powerful and positive intentions for the upcoming year.


When I want to get in the right mindset for positivity, I start with gratitude. Even if things in my life aren’t exactly where I’d like them to be, there is so much to be grateful for and recognizing those things always puts me in a peaceful headspace. They may be large scale and broad (my health, my amazing husband, supportive friendships) or they can be small scale (a killer sunset or a quiet cup of coffee with my pups).


Sometimes this question alone can throw us off guard. What is it that you want or how is it that you want to feel? Do you want the courage to make a career change? The openness to start a new relationship? Maybe it’s just to simply take more risks and add spontaneity to your life.

Put some serious thought into what your intentions are for this year – 12 months from now, what would you like to see when you reflect back on 2022?


This is key! Once you name it, put pen to paper and write it down. Be as detailed as possible and don’t be afraid to be specific! Instead of simply “I want to get my health in check” maybe it’s setting an intention to go on a specific hike you’ve been wanting to tackle, or to complete your first 5k. This will help outline your intentions and keep you accountable.


It would be great if this was a one-and-done type of practice, but it isn’t. Checking in with yourself often is helpful to make sure you don’t leave your positive intentions in the dust. You can also adjust them or fine tune as the year progresses, making sure that you are on the path to success.
Cheers to a great year ahead!



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