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Four Ways CBD Has Impacted My Life

Posted by Alternative Biologics Admin in Blog

by Shane McCassy, CEO of ALTWELL

As a lifelong athlete, gym-goer and entrepreneur, I’ve always been in search of a healthy body and healthy mind. Battling stress from work and soreness from the gym I stumbled upon CBD a few years ago and it really changed my life. In my latest role as CEO of ALTWELL you can say I live and breathe CBD on a daily basis. I love to share the amazing ways it has impacted my life and hope it can help others in the same way!

Here are my favorite reasons for using CBD:

It balances out my stress levels.
I’ve always been slightly high-strung. Work stress can get me super wound up, and juggling that along with family, friends, and everything else life throws my way can get intense. To top it all off, a stressful day often leads to a migraine – something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I started using CBD about a year ago, and pretty quickly knew it would become my new daily habit. My stress levels are more balanced, highs and lows are more leveled out, and for me it has even lessened the frequency of my migraines. ALTWELL Tinctures are my go-to for an easy, dosable way to get my morning CBD fix.

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It helps ease muscle tension.
I can get severe muscle tension in my neck, back and shoulders from sitting at a desk most hours of the day. I do make it a priority to get out to the gym every day, but sometimes that makes the tension even worse. I can truly count on my ALTWELL Sports Balm to help soothe my muscle pain; it’s continued to be a saving grace for me. Sometimes I even reach for it before the soreness starts, and it keeps the discomfort under control. I’ve also had my share of pinched nerves and strains, which I find are more easily managed with the help of CBD.

It establishes a positive trend of wellness.
I know it might sound cheesy, but I find that if I start my day making mindful decisions, it tends to have a ripple effect throughout the day. That being said, I’ve developed a morning habit of fueling my body with an ALTWELL CBD-infused protein shake. It fills me up, calms my mind and tastes incredible. Plus, since I usually workout first thing in the morning, it helps my muscles repair and recover post-workout too

It helps me sleep.
This is probably one of the most common and well-known uses for CBD, but I couldn’t leave it off my list! I use CBD throughout the day which helps keep me calm and balanced, which in turn helps me drift off easier at night and stay asleep until morning. We all know how hard it is to fall asleep when you’ve been wound up and stressed all day, and CBD keeps me from even going down that path in the first place.

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