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Karena Dawn on Our New Vegan Gummies

Posted by Alternative Biologics Admin in Blog

I have exciting news!! ALTWELL, the CBD product line that I adore so much, has launched their brand new vegan CBD gummies! I love that these gummies fit so well into a plant-based diet, plus they’re resistant to melting in the heat, which makes them extra convenient and easy for travel. I’m constantly on the go, traveling for work, or road tripping, and I love to throw these in my carry-on.

These new gummies from ALTWELL are 100% vegan and available in both their Balance formula and my all-time favorite Restful Sleep formula! Plus, they are hand crafted in-house and designed for the ultimate flavor experience. I’ve taste tested them all myself (a hard job, but someone has to do it!), so I can tell you how truly delicious they are. The only downside: they taste so good, my husband Bobby always steals them when I’m not looking!

Here's a look at the new flavors:

·  Grapefruit – this one is so juicy and tangy, it might just be my favorite (although it’s really hard to pick one!)

·  Honey Citrus – this flavor is cozy and calming, just the taste alone brings me to a Zen state of mind

·  Ginger Peach – this is my go-to when I want a little taste of summer – it reminds me of my favorite iced tea flavor!

With 25mg broad spectrum CBD, these gummies make my life calmer and more peaceful. I take a Balance gummy every day to reduce stress and feel centered, and I rely on the Restful Sleep gummies to help me sleep great and wake feeling refreshed.

I can’t wait for you to try them for yourself. Let me know what you think!!


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