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My Tips for Self-care From Karena Dawn

Posted by Alternative Biologics Admin in Blog
It seems as though we’re all going a mile a minute trying to balance our family life, social connections and work commitments – so where do WE fit in? I’ve been taking note of the things I do for myself that really seem to make a difference for my overall mental wellbeing, and I’ve got my three favorites here for you to dive into. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Strike a Pose
I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before: Yoga is SO good for you! It truly has become my tried and true self-care practice. Even if I only have a few minutes to fit it in, I’ll find a comfortable pose (downward dog or child’s pose never disappoints) to breathe and recenter myself. Yoga can help reduce stress hormones, improve sleep quality and increases flexibility and mobility. My secret weapon for body-mind-spirit serenity!

Disconnect from devices – yes, I mean it!
We have all become so attached to technology – whether it’s scrolling through social media, reading email, checking your favorite app or zoning out with Netflix – it’s like we’re always distracting ourselves! I try to shut down all devices for at least one hour every evening to let my mind detach from all the stimulation. It’s harder than you think, but well worth it. Take the time to meditate, read, play a game, or talk with your partner (or dog!).

Nighttime Wind Down
I love taking time at night to truly pamper myself. Sometimes it’s a bubble bath with some relaxing music, or making some tea and curling up with my journal. Another task that can either be daunting or an act of self-love, depending on your frame of mind – washing your face! I take the time to wash my face and moisturize every night, no matter what. I love finishing my routine with ALTWELL Facial Serum, the perfect night cap for my skin!

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