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The Ultimate Post-Workout Recovery Plan

Posted by Alternative Biologics Admin in Blog

Does your recovery routine need a refresher?

Celebrity trainer and ALTWELL Ambassador Gunnar Peterson shares his tips for the ultimate post-workout recovery plan.

01 Theragun (or other percussion therapy device)

These are great. They help reduce pain, break up scar tissue, and decrease lactic acid.

02 Hot Tub

Using a hot tub provides muscle relaxation, stress relief, and usually improves communication between couples ; )

03 Sauna

Using a sauna helps flush toxins. It can induce deeper sleep and aids in recovery after intense physical activity.

04 Prep Your Post Workout Meal BEFORE Your Workout!

Doing this helps you manage your portion sizes and leaves you less vulnerable to making bad choices. And you'll know exactly what you are getting nutrient-wise.


Incorporating CBD into your daily supplement plan can help reduce stress and help ease muscle aches and pains. ALTWELL Sports Balm and Balance Softgels have been a great addition to my post-training routine.


Recharge the Brain! When you allow yourself to get in at least a 10 minute nap it enhances physical and cognitive performance for the rest of your day, which in turn return improves mood, reaction time and memory.

07 Sleep Eight hours

You will be sharper mentally if you get in a full 8 hours, which will help you make better decisions throughout your day. It also helps improve your immune system so that it can allow your body to repair itself more efficiently.

08 Hydration

When you properly hydrate it helps you maintain healthy blood levels, provides better joint lubrication and helps your body remove waste.


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