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Tips To Kick Off a Happy, Healthy New Year

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By Allie Baker

With the New Year right around the corner, this is the perfect time to set fresh goals for your health and wellness routine. Of course, setting goals is the simple part — sticking to them will be the bigger challenge.

The key to following through on your intentions is to set realistic goals and set yourself up for success from the very beginning. Over the upcoming week, we’ll be sharing with you our best 7 tips to help set your fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness goals, and make them part of your routine all year long.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!


Research shows that people work harder to reach their goals when they see progress toward them¹. The best way to make progress quickly is to set small, attainable goals. If you’re new to exercise or getting back into it, instead of saying, “I will work out every day,” make your goal, “I will start with 3 workouts per week in January and take it up to 4 in February.” Once you have a goal in mind, you can make an action plan to achieve it. For example, plan to schedule all your workouts for the week in advance on Sundays and add them to your calendar.

We also encourage you to reflect on the ‘why’ behind your goals. As the New Year approaches, set aside some time to journal on what each resolution means to you. For example, do you want to work out to feel more confident in your body? To have more energy to run around with your kids? As a way to release stress and anxiety? If you feel like giving up on a goal, you can look back and remember your ‘why.’


This is the best way to hold yourself accountable to your resolutions. The more consistently you track your progress toward a goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. Your chances of success are even higher if you physically record your progress or share it publicly, according to a study from the American Psychological Association². Treat yourself to a new journal for 2022 and use it to record your wins — big and small. Write down what you accomplished each day, how it felt, and if you had any roadblocks. It’s really powerful to look back at your journal and see how far you’ve come!

You can also share your progress with your friends, family, and on social media for even more accountability. Even better: recruit a friend or family member to be your accountability buddy. You can check in on each other and cheer each other on!

Woman mindfully breathing


If one of your goals is to incorporate mindfulness into your routine, this is a great way to start. When you wake up in the morning, bring your attention to your breath and take a few intentional deep inhales and exhales. You can try a technique called box breathing: Breathe in for a count of 4, hold at the top for 4, breathe out for 4, and hold at the bottom for 4. Repeat it for a few cycles. Breath is the simplest and most effective way to bring yourself into the present moment and calm your body and mind. After just a couple weeks, this will start to feel second nature and voila, you have a mindfulness practice you can easily stick with!


You are much more likely to stick to a consistent exercise routine if you do it first thing in the morning. That way, there are fewer distractions with work, family, and other commitments. Plus, it feels so good to cross that off the list early! More benefits to a morning workout: you’ll boost your energy, focus, and mood for the rest of the day³. Kick off the new year by setting your alarm earlier and squeezing in a sweat session. You can start small with quick workouts and work up to longer routines.

Tip #5: Put your healthy staples front and center


Put everything you need to succeed right in front of you! Stock your fridge and pantry with nourishing foods like fruit, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats including nuts, seeds, and avocado. If you’re aiming to start each day with a nutrient-packed smoothie, lay out all the ingredients the night before. Put your blender and your Plant Based Protein Powder out on the counter, and pre-slice and freeze your favorite fruits. You can also put your CBD Tincture in a prominent spot in your kitchen, so you remember to have them first thing. They will help you feel calmer, more balanced, and peaceful as you move into your day.


So many of us spend hours working in front of a computer every day. Set goals for yourself to spend more time standing, walking, and taking hydration breaks. This will help you feel energized, increase your concentration, enhance your mood, and cut down on those mid-afternoon slumps so many of us struggle with. Set an alarm on your phone for once an hour. When the alarm goes off, sip a glass of water and take a short break for gentle movement — whether that’s a walk around the block, 10 squats next to your desk, or a quick stretch.


Quality sleep makes your workouts more effective and helps regulate hunger hormones, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet⁴. Set a reminder on your phone for when it’s time to start winding down. After that time, disconnect from your devices and begin a soothing bedtime ritual. This can include a bath, reading, calming music, meditation, or anything that relaxes you. You can also try our Restful Sleep Gummies to get the best rest. You’ll wake up energized, refreshed, and ready to tackle your goals!

Remember, you are worthy of your dreams and you have the power to achieve them. We believe in you!




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