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Why CBD Potency Matters — For Your Health & Budget

Posted by Allie Baker in Blog

Investing in your wellness is essential, and we want to make sure your investment is worth every single cent. That’s why we want to talk about CBD potency.

Potency determines the strength of your CBD and how much you’ll feel the effects. It’s a key factor to consider when choosing a CBD brand, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention and is often misunderstood.

We’re breaking down what you need to know about potency, what to look for on a label, and how to get the most bang for your buck.

How is potency determined?
Potency depends on how much CBD you’re getting per volume of the container. For example, two different CBD tinctures could have 750mg CBD — but if the size of the bottles are different so is the potency. You may see a brand of CBD that looks like a great value, but the amount of CBD per volume is sometimes very minimal.

So what should you look for on a label?
When comparing labels, you want to notice three key things: the total amount of CBD per package, the serving size, and the amount of CBD per serving. Some labels only call out the total amount, so look for ones that also have the per serving measurement. That way you’re clear on exactly what you’re getting without having to do the math yourself!

For Topicals:
With topical creams and serums, it’s easy to be confused or misled by potency. For example, there may be 500mg CBD in a 2oz container or 500mg CBD in a 5oz container. The 5oz container may be less expensive and seem like a better value because it’s larger, however the amount of CBD you’re actually applying is negligible, and you won’t experience the same benefits.

When choosing your topical, pay close attention to how much CBD is in the product, how much product the package offers, and how many uses you get from each container.

Applying Lotion with CBD

At ALTWELL, our topicals provide more than 50 applications per package. Our Sports Balm delivers 1,000mg CBD in a 2oz container, and our Facial Serum contains 500mg CBD in a 1fl oz container.

For Ingestibles:
Serving size matters — especially in an ingestible like a gummy. Some types contain such a low concentration of CBD that you have to take 2 – 3 gummies for just one serving. Look for packages that call out both the total amount of CBD and the amount per gummy.

ALTWELL’s gummies contain 250mg CBD per package and 25mg CBD per gummy, so you get a potent dose with just one delicious gummy.

Bonus tip: Look for brands that are transparent with the amount of CBD in their products and their testing process. With every purchase, we provide a certificate of analysis (COA) that shows the amounts of CBD, THC, and total cannabinoids in each product. Click here to see one of our COAs.

We’re here to give you all the info you need so you can feel completely confident in your purchase!

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