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Close to home

Our family has been in the wellness industry for four generations. We’re known for creating, building and selling the Muscle Milk Brand of protein products. We’re bringing our experience on this exciting journey.

The ALTWELL team has worked in food and beverage manufacturing where safety and regulatory excellence are expectations. Product quality, taste and consumer satisfaction serve as the guardrails guiding our innovation. We’ve applied this expertise and created a line of honest and simple ALTWELL products.

CBD is a different experience for everyone, and we put your needs at the center of everything we do. We’re driven by helping you live each day with comfort and calm. It’s our purpose. It’s close to home.

Our expertise in crafting unique flavors has proven to be paramount in our mission to make CBD infused products taste great. We have carefully formulated ALTWELL with your delight in mind.

Our sourcing model traces ingredients from seed to shelf. Colorado based suppliers were carefully selected for quality, potency and consistency. We believe in transparency and ALTWELL provides certificates of analysis for any product purchased. We think it’s an important difference maker when choosing your CBD.

We’re thrilled to share ALTWELL with you. We hope it’s a tasteful experience!

It’s a journey and we want you to enjoy it.

From our family to yours. STAY WELL.


We design our products with your delight in mind. Our CBD products from ethically grown hemp has uniquely crafted flavors so you can enjoy the experience.


A sourcing model that traces ingredients from seed to shelf. A team that has worked in FDA audited food and beverage businesses with safety and quality at the center of product development and decision making.


Our Colorado based suppliers were chosen for their quality, potency and consistency. We live by transparency - Altwell provides certificates of analysis for any products you purchase. Just type the lot # on your package: